About Whetstone

Whetstone Conference and Event Center is a unique retreat area located in quiet Marlboro township in Northeastern OH.  We are a family owned and operated business.  We provide a unique experience with a commitment to quality and a personal touch.  Whether it is a social event like a wedding, reception, party or family gathering, or a business event like a training, meeting, executive retreat, or other, our goal is to provide a unique experience with a personal touch and commitment to quality.  We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your event.

We are a family owned business with Midwestern values.  We value our great land, the United States of America, and the freedoms that it offers.  We are grateful to the men and women that serve to protect those values, and believe that we are still “One nation under God.”  We love our community and helping others.  A portion of the revenue from every event we book goes to support local, regional or national charities and missions that we believe are important to the community and will help restore the fabric of this nation.

We are so happy to announce that as of November of 2017 we are now donating a portion of our proceeds from events to local family ministries!